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Physiotherapy Therapeutic Treatments

In conjunction with your chiropractic adjustments you will be receiving, Dr. Miniaci also uses therapeutic physiotherapy treatments to enhance your wellness care.  Below is a sampling of what we offer:


Ultrasound is performed over injured areas to help decrease pain/inflammation, increase blood flow to injured areas and help decrease muscle spasms and promote healing.

Interferential Electrical Muscle Stimulation /TENS

Electrical muscle stimulation prevents and reduces muscle spasms and atrophy as well as pain.  The electrical muscle stimulation interferes with pain messages at the core level and causes muscle contractions and relaxation helping to pump toxins and lactic acids out of the muscle.  It also exhausts the muscle allowing it to relax.  Benefits of EMS include reduction of edema/swelling/fluid build up, pain reduction, increase flow to affected tissues and increased range of motion.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are disruptions in muscles or tissues that can cause extreme pain/spasms/chemical irritation (toxins) and can potentially cause subluxations in the spine.  Many techniques and mechanisms can be used to treat trigger points effectively: combination of ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation sends a pulsed current to the affected muscles/tissues to decrease and prevent spasms.

Mechanical Traction

Mechanical traction is a very successful non-surgical procedure for relieving low back, neck, arm and leg pain.  It is also highly effective treatment for patients suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome and herniated or degenerated discs.  Mechanical traction reduces the pressure on discs through a gentle traction force allowing for improved circulation and exchange of fluids within the disc.

Gua Sha

Asian healing technique; Gua Sha means to scrape or rub.  (The Graston Technique of Western Medicine is a similar technique).  The Gua Sha instrument can be used for both acute and chronic pain where there can be aching, tenderness, or a knotting feeling in the muscles.

Moist Heat/ Ice

Ice reduces inflammation, pain and swelling when applied to an injured area because it acts as a vaso-constrictor (it causes the blood vessels to narrow).  Moist heat is ideal for soreness, stiffness and nagging joint or muscle pain as it stimulates blood flow (increases circulation) and can help relax muscles and increase the elasticity of joint and connective tissues.


This is a method developed in Japan of applying a uniquely designed patented tape for treatment of both muscular disorders and lymphedema.  Kinesio-taping involves the application by a certified professional of applying kinesio-tape over and around specific muscles which accomplishes several things; increases support to the affected area, prevents over contraction of specific areas and facilitates lymph flow.  Kinesio -taping allows you support without loss of motion and does not interfere with normal routines and activities.  You may have seen kinesio-taping in action if you watch the US Woman’s Beach Volleyball in the Summer Olympics.

Therapeutic Exercise/Functional Rehabilitation

The most common forms of physiotherapy exercises include activities to strengthen and stretch muscles.  However, balance and endurance training are two other important sort of physiotherapy exercise.  Therapeutic exercises are specialized to meet the needs of each patient individually.  Stretching, strengthening, balance, joint control and muscle re-training are all types of important physiotherapy/functional rehabilitative exercises.

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