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I was referred to Dr. Miniaci by a Physical Therapist that I was seeing for an unrelated issue. She advised that Dr. Miniaci was very hands on and thorough in his approach which appealed to me since I was not familiar with chiropractic care. I was experiencing constant and severe lower back and leg pain which was interfering with the ability to lead the active life I enjoy. During the initial visit, Dr. Miniaci did a physical exam and X-rays and to determine the cause of my problems. He provided a very detailed explanation of the issue and the various methods he would use to address the pain. In addition, Dr. Miniaci takes the time to discuss and listen to the problems that might be presented on the day of treatment should any new conditions appear. I have been very impressed with Dr Miniaci’s overall approach to getting me well as well as with his hands approach to his treatment methods. He takes the time needed to ensure he is working to help relieve the pain and get to the cause of the problem. Today I feel almost no back or leg pain. I can’t thank Dr. Miniaci enough for the wonderful and caring treatment he provided. I will continue to use Dr. Miniaci as my caregiver and would highly recommend him to others.

Vivian T.

I started seeing Dr. Miniaci because I was involved in a car accident and injured my neck and shoulder.  That happened about 20 years ago, and I have been a patient ever since.  Dr. Miniaci has always made me feel comfortable and was always considerate to my concerns and answered all of my questions.  The staff is very nice and caring.

 I now see Dr. Miniaci couple of times a month to keep my spine aligned.  I can honestly say that I have no pain, in the back, neck, or shoulders and no headaches.  My regular chiropractic care keeps me feeling great.

I would and have recommended Dr. Miniaci to everyone I know.  I feel so much better, I feel healthy, with my mind and soul, I guess you could say an over all feeling of healthiness.

Thank you Dr. Miniaci.
Anne V.

The day I became a patient of Dr. Miniaci is when I was given the opportunity to change my life.  During my time as a patient, I have had the pleasure to come to know Dr. Miniaci and his wonderful staff. 
In September of 1996, I was hit by a tool truck on the way to work and from that point on, life for me would never be the same.  Years of Chiropractors, medications, orthopedics, and on and on led me to a life of chronic neck and back pain, and myofascitis from the chest up, as well as internal problems.

I had a bad attitude from the medications and no tolerance for anyone who “thought” they could be my saving grace.  That was until I walked through the doors to Miniaci Chiropractic. 
Months of hard work and dedication led me on a path to recovery that I never knew possible.  Dr. Miniaci has proven time and time again that chiropractic care from a Dr. with passion for his gifts can indeed change people, and make them better. 

I have and still would recommend good chiropractic care to anyone I know, instead of letting poor injured people suffer with “ just having their symptoms treated” with medications.  Chiropractic can easily get to the root of many injuries, illnesses, etc.  Medications can only mask the problem, and in my opinion in time worsen them.
Christine T.

Dr. Miniaci and Staff,

Thank you for your encouragement to get me in for my appointments. In life it seems so often that everything is always more

 important than taking care of ourselves.

Dr. Miniaci was at the time yet another Dr. to check out. I pushed making the initial appointment off for at least a year. Finally I came in and much to my surprise I was very impressed. He took the time to get know me and the treatments that were best for me. What I loved was that each time I went it was a variety of treatments. Through each of these treatments I always left either pain free or at least a relief from the level I walked in with.

During my several years of trying to find pain relief for my on going neck and shoulder, I have been treated by Orthopedic Specialists who used the traditional pain management of prescription pain medicine and followed with traditional physical therapy. 

Coming into the office having pacemaker made Dr. Miniaci’s job a bit more challenging,  I thought as he could not just use the electric stim pads and walk away that so many treatments involve. My treatments most always had to include his time with hands on manipulation and therapy. I truly understand pain and chronic pain and I always have compassion to those who are reluctant or have been discouraged during their search. Once you have had only a few treatments maybe even one I am sure you will agree that he was worth the wait to find.

Marianne D.

Last summer I broke two bones in my ankle.  After 9 weeks in a walking cast and no prescribed physical therapy, I began to have severe neck pain and headaches from walking for so long with an uneven gait due to the cast.

When the symptoms were getting worse instead of better, I took the advice of my mother and stepfather, patients of Dr. Miniaci, and called for an appointment, not really believing chiropractic care would help, but I would give it a shot.  I was very happy to be given an appointment quickly, one that would fit in with my work schedule. 

When I arrived I was greeted warmly by the staff and given a quick tour of the office.  The paperwork requiring my explanation of symptoms was concise and easy to complete.  Dr. Miniaci went through the process of what he felt would be the best treatment, frequency of visits, etc.  I started to feel relief quickly, going twice a week in the beginning.  I liked the fact that Dr. Miniaci not only wanted to treat the symptoms for which I came in, but to help me change my lifestyle and eating habits as well, to get me healthy from the inside as well. 

I actually looked forward to the visits, as I felt much better afterwards.  The exercises he asked me to do at home were easy and not so time-consuming that I would push them off.  I had a decrease in headaches and less neck pain, I was less irritable.  The treatments have allowed me to become more like myself again.  I look forward to my appointments knowing the relief will be immediate and last, most times, until my next visit. 

I have also added massage therapy to my treatment regimen.  Not only does it feel great, it helps tremendously and is great at pinpointing spots to help the relief last that much longer. 

I have told everyone about my experience, as I was skeptical myself to begin with.  I now have my daughter coming as well just to keep her pain free and healthy during her back-pack lugging high school years.  I continue to tell people of the positive results I’ve had and let them know that it’s not just back pain that can be treated, but any discomfort.  Life is too short to live with pain when there are medications-free alternatives!!
Karen  H. 

Bill had suffered a mild heart attack and Marilyn was dealing with erratic high blood pressure.  They both were feeling lousy and disgusted with their smoking addiction of a combined total of 100 years.  Like a bad marriage, the bad outweighed the good and it was time to divorce them from smoking forever.  Bill already was a patient of Dr. Miniaci for chiropractic therapy for neck-shoulder and back problems.  He was very satisfied with Dr. Miniaci and his “family” of co-workers who are there 24/7 with support.  Bill convinced Marilyn to try the acupuncture and she did.  It has been 4 weeks of being “smoke-free” for Bill and Marilyn.  The treatments had immediate results.  The desire and “jits” were gone.  Whenever the craving for a cigarette arose, pressing the pads in the ears made it disappear. 
Dr. Miniaci’s positive approach has made the impossible possible.  Bill and Marilyn accepted the challenge, working together along with Coach Miniaci to end a disgusting, costly habit ($20 a day!).  They both have more energy, food tastes better, and they are saving a lot of money so they could enjoy life.  “We recommend the acupuncture method for smoking cessation.  The moral support from the Miniaci group also helped a lot.  We thank you.”
~ Marilyn & Bill M.

In 1994, my husband, Don, had a bad ski accident, which injured both his knees and left him immobile for a while.  As part of his recovery, staff from a physical therapy center was referred to begin him on a physical therapy routine at home.  Eventually, he was able to travel to the Physical Therapy in East Haven, which in turn, led him to Miniaci Chiropractic. 

A few years prior to my husband’s accident, I had regularly visited a chiropractor, but due to a move and other life interruptions, had not found another doctor with whom to resume care.  In 1994 my husband convinced me to meet Dr. Miniaci, and I’ve been coming to him for chiropractic ever since!

Unlike many people, there is not a specific event that I can pinpoint which led to any of neck and back pain I have had.  I have a misalignment (subluxation) with vertebra in my neck, which, without chiropractic, seems to limit turning flexibility and sort of feels like my neck is locking.  Much of my pain also seems to be from stress so therapy and chiropractic help relax a lot of the tension.  Through the years, Dr. Miniaci has helped me with other issues that have arisen. 

I have continued coming to Miniaci Chiropractic for so many years for a number of reasons.  First, if I don’t have regular adjustments, I can feel my body get progressively worse, and the flexibility in my neck decreases.  Second, I really enjoy my monthly “escape” for heat and electric stimulation therapy.  Lastly, Dr. Miniaci and his staff have always made me feel like my treatment is important, and I am not just another number rushed through the office in 10 minutes.  Dr. Miniaci is concerned about my whole well-being and takes the time to really listen to any concerns I have.

I often suggest chiropractic to others and would definitely recommend Miniaci Chiropractic to those in the East Haven area.  I have been very pleased with my experiences at Miniaci Chiropractic and plan to continue my “monthly tune-up” for many years to come.
Donna’s Success Story

What brought me to your office was a person answering the phone when I was in need.  I was in such pain, close to tears, that I wanted results fast.  A coworker and I went through the phone book looking for doctors in surrounding towns where I live and work.  Many had answering machines with callbacks, and some had appointments booked a month out, and I needed help quickly.  Dr. Miniaci’s office had a real live receptionist who heard my problem and was able to give me an appointment the very same day.  I was thrilled.

 I had back problems previously and had gone to another doctor with poor results.  I think my pain may have started when I was washing my windows during my spring cleaning because it started soon afterwards. 

The staff has been wonderful.  The first few weeks, I was seeing the doctor two to three times a week, I had movable results within a couple of weeks.  Since I have been with Dr. Miniaci, the results have been great.  I have now graduated to visiting every three months.  I am a bowler and I had to stop due to pain; I am now able to bowl without worry.  I have been feeling great!!  I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Miniaci and staff to family and friends.  I thank you all very much.
Candy S.

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  • "I have been a patient of Dr. MiniacI for over 15 years and while I am currently on a maintenence schedule, it is always a visit I look forward to, and one that never fails to bring relief."
    Michael P. / East Haven, CT

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